How to maintain your Shower glass partition?

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How to maintain your Shower glass partition?

The REEDO® glass protection system is an innovative, Nano technology protective barrier which is applied to most REEDO® shower enclosures and screens as standard.

The water contains minerals, scale and soap scum and they stick on glass. A soft cloth or wet sponge and most common household cleaners are all you need for regular maintenance. Easily available products like Vinegar & Lemon can be used to clean the glass. A clean water rinse should follow the use of any of these products.

If you are using any other products like bathroom tile cleaning product or Glass Cleaning product, we recommend you be careful about the acidity content in the product. No Manufacturer will take responsible for damages. Note that some cleaning products may not be safe on uncoated glass surfaces, metal, tile, marble, brass or other materials.

Reedo® Water Repellent coating on the glass will protect from reactions of salts, minerals or soap scum on the glass, these can even penetrate into the crest and settle for ever. Later mild/deep scrubbing may or may not help you removing the stains from the glass.

It is highly recommended that you use our Reedo®  Water Repellent coating to protect your glass from stains reaction on the glass. The coating helps you clean the glass easily with less effort depending on how frequently the glass is cleaned and maintained.

Frequency of Cleaning of glass:

After every shower, one should use the squeeze to drain out the water remains from the glass. Once in a week, it is recommended that you use mild soap to clean the glass and rinse the glass thoroughly. If you are cleaning the glass once in 2 weeks, then, it is recommended to clean the glass with our supplied cleaning liquid called Miracle Scrub and Limescale Remover and maintain the glass sparkling clean and neat.


  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, such as: Ajax, Comet, CRL Bio-Clean, CRL Sparkle, Rouge  and Cerium Oxide. 
  • Hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid are corrosive to the coating and glass surfaces and shouldn’t be used. Using HCL acid for cleaning your Tiles or Glass or any Bathroom fittings and fixtures.
  • Do not use abrasive brushes, razor blades or other sharp objects.

Please follow the below instructions:

  • Miracle Scrub – supplied by Reedo®
  • Lime scale remover – supplied by Reedo®
  • Synthetic Vinegar or Lemon juice – available in the market
  • Soft Scrub® Lemon Cleanser
  • Windex Glass Cleaner
  • Scotch-Brite® No Scratch Sponge
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