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Center Type Door

Transparent Shower Glass Partition

Center Type Door partition is done when you have larger size bathrooms and shower creation is purposely very spacious. This partition is also suitable when the shower side walls are at larger length compare to the usual sizes suitable for other partitions. They are good looking and easy to enter and comes with towel holder which is associated with door handle. This partition is strong and usually comes with 3 piece partitions.

  • Plain Transparent Bath Shower Enclosure
  • U shaped shower enclosure with 2 Fixed glasses on the sides and 2 Fixed glasses on front with a door in between-5 parts
  • shaped shower enclosure seperating two shower/wc areas with a common glass. Two doors in the front, Fixed on the common glass
  • Corner enclosure with one Fixed glass and openable door on the front and one Fixed glass on the side covered with a roof on the top.
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