Water Repellent for Glass Partition/Enclosure

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REEDO™ Water Repellent for Shower Enclosures

The Reedo™ glass protection system is an innovative, Nanotechnology protective barrier which is applied to most Reedo™ shower enclosures/Partitions and screens as standard application.

REEDO™ Water Repellent Benefits
  • Creates a 'non-stick' surface
  • Resists lime scale build-up and water spots
  • Easier to clean and keep clean
  • Maintains the pristine appearance for longer time

Reedo™ Water Repellent is a Nano- molecules chemically fuse with the surface of glass and acts as a long lasting protective barrier. The hydrophobic or repellent properties stop lime scale and other residue from bonding to the glass. It is completely transparent, non-hazardous and unlike traditional coating applications, REEDO™ Water Repellent will never discolor, peel or crack or disconnect from the glass surface.

Care and Application

REEDO™ Water Repellent glass can be cleaned with any suitable nonabrasive glass cleaner; the coating will not be damaged. Avoid surfactants and heavily perfumed products. Vinegar and water based products are very effective. Do not use abrasive scrubbing cleaners or equipment for cleaning.

Pricing for Water Repellent Application:
  • Water Repellent for your Glass Enclosure / Partition will cost you just Rs.40/- per Sq FT.
  • If the glass requires cleaning, then there is a additional charges of Rs.10/- per Sq FT.